Yacht Club’s mooring was built in 2009 in Cukaricki branch (right bank of the Sava river, the fourth km), ideal position for safe staying of your vessels. Since being on steady water, moorings provide safe berth for boats longer than 40 ft. Capacity berth No.1 is from 20 to 25 vessels, depending on to the size of the vessel and within which there are berths for two scooters. Mooring No.1 is intended for luxury boats and therein bond is rented seasonally, that is for at least six months. Mooring No.2 is destined for something more modest vessels and lease is on a monthly basis. Great attention is dedicated to proper binding of each vessel at the site of connection. Lessee of berth of Yacht Club Admiral can use electricity connection, water connection, Wi-Fi, as well as the use of locker rooms and showers that are located very close to moorings.


With respect to the ideal position of moorings, a safe berth is provided during the whole year, like during the winter when there is water freezing and ice formation. Moorings of Yacht Club Admiral have a 24-hour physical and technical security and your vessels are at your disposal 24 hours a day. Admiral Yacht Club provides to its members service and assistance in mooring or unmooring by sailors on duty.


Lessee of Admiral Yacht Club are offered all other nautical and maintenance services of highly skilled and qualified personnel – transportation of vessels, lowering boats into the water, pulling boats out of the water, wash the underwater part of the vessel, wash the outside of the vessel, wash the inner part of the vessel, refueling service , diver service, service mechanics and electrics, marine engine, outboard engine service, service of electronic equipment on boats, conserve engines and boats, painting of boats, boat polishing, applying antifouling, hull repair, rehabilitation osmosis, and upholstery services (making awnings, upholstery seats ...).


Popust na paket – vez i mesto u zimovniku

Jaht klub Admiral odobrava specijalni popust od 10 procenata na ukupnu cenu za one koji zakupe vez na većem privezištu i mesto u zimovniku.

Za klijente našeg kluba popust na sve usluge VK Partizan

Jaht kluba Admiral nalazi se u prostorijama Veslačkog kluba Partizan s kojim ima izuzetnu saradnju. Zbog toga članovi našeg kluba mogu da

Opustite se u kafiću u prelepom prirodnom ambijetnu

Neposredno uz privezišne Jaht kluba Admiral nalazi se divan kafić sa prelepom baštom u kojem se u svakom trenutku možete osvežiti

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