About us

Yacht Club Admiral has been founded in 2008 by a group of true lovers of navigation, recreation and nature with the primary objective of bringing together and meeting needs in the field of navigation and protection of the environment. Association, from its founding, focused on great number of activities closely related to navigation and healthy way of life. Yacht Club Admiral, among other things, organizes and promotes recreational activities in the field of navigation, creating conditions for nautical tourism, exploring waters and nature in general, encouraging organized departure in nature, the development of humanistic ethics and the ethics of conservation environmental protection...


Yacht Club Admiral is located in Cukaricki branch (right bank of the Sava river, the fourth km) with one of the best and safest positions in Belgrade for boat mooring, as it is on flat water where the vessels, regardless of the weather, are always fully protected. In addition to being located in an ideal position, mooring of Yacht Club Admiral meets all other highest standards in the field of sailing. It was built in 2009, designed to the highest standards of the then Jugo-register, so all members provided a safe berth.


In addition to superior moorings, Yacht Club Admiral has both indoor and outdoor winter port for boats. Like berths, winter ports are made to the highest nautical standards to provide the best conditions for the stay of the vessels out of water. Yacht Club Admiral is specialized for complete care of your vessel. There is a whole spectrum of services performed by highly skilled and qualified personnel. We can provide transport services for vessels, lowering boats into the water, pulling out the vessel from the water, wash the underwater part of the vessel, wash the outside of the vessel, wash the inner part of the vessel, refueling service, divers service, and regularly organize courses for leaders of the vessel.


Also, you can perform a complete service of your boat since we have highly qualified staff of mechanics and electronics, marine engine and outboard engine service, service of electronic equipment on boats, conservation of engines and boats, boats painting, polishing vessels, causing antifouling, hull repair, osmosis repair and upholstery services (making awnings, upholstery ...). 


Popust na paket – vez i mesto u zimovniku

Jaht klub Admiral odobrava specijalni popust od 10 procenata na ukupnu cenu za one koji zakupe vez na većem privezištu i mesto u zimovniku.

Za klijente našeg kluba popust na sve usluge VK Partizan

Jaht kluba Admiral nalazi se u prostorijama Veslačkog kluba Partizan s kojim ima izuzetnu saradnju. Zbog toga članovi našeg kluba mogu da

Opustite se u kafiću u prelepom prirodnom ambijetnu

Neposredno uz privezišne Jaht kluba Admiral nalazi se divan kafić sa prelepom baštom u kojem se u svakom trenutku možete osvežiti

Iskusite čari veslanja

Jaht klub Admiral se nalazi u neposrednoj blizini Veslačkog kluba Partizan. Za sve naše članove za najpopularniju cenu obezbeđujemo mogu